Every five minutes someone needs blood in the Ozarks

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Every Drop Tells A Story

When you roll up your sleeve to share your good health with someone in need, you begin a unique story that can only be told with your selfless act of giving.Whether it's the story of what prompted you to begin giving blood, what motivates you to continue, or the story of the patient on the other side ... every drop tells a story.
What's your story?

Keeping a tally of life


Over a four-year period, the Haney family realized early on that a blood transfusion can be a cause for celebration. When Mabel “Maggie” Haney received her first transfusion for chronic anemia at Citizen’s Memorial Hospital in Bolivar, MO, in October 2009, Maggie’s daughter Darlene began to keep track of the number of the transfusions. “I […]

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There’s power inside you


When Jennifer Robertson was young, she had a good idea of what she was going to be when she grew up. “I was always pretending to doctor the animals,” she said. “I knew from a very early age that I wanted to be a nurse.” In 1996, the Stockton High School graduate did just that, […]

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A Warrior’s Heart


At some point in our lives, we will be tested. Our healing power, resolve and faith will be taken to task. Sam and Annie Fleury’s exam came to them on a spring day in 2011. Annie underwent a routine surgery to remove her gall bladder and fix a hernia. But later that evening, she felt […]

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When you give blood, you are literally helping hospitals save the life of someone’s spouse, parent or child. There is no easier way to save a life than to give blood.

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