Every Drop Tells A Story

When you roll up your sleeve to share your good health with someone in need, you begin a unique story that can only be told with your selfless act of giving. Whether it’s the story of what prompted you to begin giving blood, what motivates you to continue, or the story of the patient on the other side … every drop tells a story.  What’s your story?

A Promise Kept

In late May of 2013, Paul Adler fulfilled a promise he made to himself over a month prior.  He gave blood. The news anchor and reporter at KYTV in Springfield was about a quarter mile from the finish line at the Boston Marathon on April 15th, hoping to catch a glimpse of his wife, Melissa, […]

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Not Every Day Is Promised

As long as he can remember, Steven Oswald has been competitive. As a youngster, he played whatever he could. Be it soccer, basketball or football, to say he was active was putting it mildly. As he grew, the sports became more physical. Sometimes injuries would occur. That’s when he and his parents began to notice […]

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A picture of perseverance

Mark Van Horn of Springfield knows that life runs in a circle.  His journey helped to shape himself and his family in ways that couldn’t be known when that trip began. When he was in college, Van Horn tried to give blood.  “It was just a horrible experience,” he recalls.  “They had trouble finding my […]

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Transformed in an instant

MaKayla Smith, 18, of Berryville, Ark. was living the perfect life. Studious, popular, athletic, she seemingly had it all. As she was nearing the completion of her junior year at Berryville High School, things would change suddenly one sunny afternoon. MaKayla was joining several of her friends on a Saturday, riding ATV’s to a local […]

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Once you get started, It’s really pretty easy

No one ever thinks that they will need blood.  At least not many do.  That’s why recruiting blood donors can be such a daunting task. Every five minutes, an area hospital patient receives a blood transfusion, but sometimes it takes a real life experience to know what kind of an impact blood donors have on […]

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