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Every Drop Tells A Story

When you roll up your sleeve to share your good health with someone in need, you begin a unique story that can only be told with your selfless act of giving.Whether it's the story of what prompted you to begin giving blood, what motivates you to continue, or the story of the patient on the other side ... every drop tells a story.
What's your story?

Recipient and Mother Express Gratitude for Blood Donors

Following Nixa’s Laila Carpenter receiving blood, she and her mother, Rebecca Malone, completed a few  Thank-The-Donor submissions online. Those submissions made their way back to us at CBCO, and we confidentially forwarded those messages to the individuals who donated the blood Laila had received. Showing gratitude is important to Laila and her mother. “I feel […]

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Daughter’s Transfusion Leads to Family Advocating for Local Blood Donation

Following the birth of Jamie and Adam Swenka’s daughter Joselina, a Cox South nurse came into their room to take the infant’s vital signs. She wasn’t keeping her temperature level. Hospital staff quicky learned the baby was anemic. “It was likely she was losing blood in utero,” Adam said. The next few moments were hectic. […]

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Bleeding Ulcers Send Army Veteran to ER

As an over-the-road truck driver, staying on schedule is vital for Teddy Fleck of Springfield, Missouri. A normal work week might cover about 2,800 miles of interstates and highways as he makes sure loads are delivered where they need to be on time. “The majority of products we consume end up on the store shelves […]

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