AB Plasma Program

If you’re one of the approximately four percent of Americans that have type AB blood, you’ve got a special lifesaving ability.  One that you can give to anyone.  Your plasma is universal, meaning it can be used under any circumstance.  Some examples where AB plasma might be used include trauma, surgery or therapy.

CBCO is asking AB blood donors to give their plasma during a visit to selected CBCO donor centers and mobile drives.  You accomplish this with a specialized high tech machine that harvests your plasma, but gives you back your other blood components.  One advantage is that you can give more often than a regular whole blood donation – once every 28 days.  Another advantage is that you can give more life.  With each donation, up to four usable doses of plasma may be given, depending on a number of factors.

If you’re an AB donor, you’ve got it in you to give more.  For more information on the AB plasmapheresis program, call us at 800-280-5337, or email us.  Save more lives.