Giving the right type at the right time

Controlling the flow of blood to the region is one of our main goals

Community Blood Center of the Ozarks keeps an up to the minute inventory of blood products that are available for area hospital patients. Because of the short shelf life of donated blood, we carefully track these levels and encourage donors to do the same.

CBCO considers inventory levels that include at least a three day supply of blood to be adequate to meet daily and emergency needs. When levels dip below a three day supply, donors are encouraged to give sooner rather than later.

It is common for inventory levels to fluctuate, adjusting to both usage and need. According to statistics, almost seventy percent of the American population is either type A Positive or O Positive. Typically, we have enough of these types on hand. We’re often in need of negative blood types, which may be used more often than population demographics would indicate.

Depending on patient needs, your blood type may dictate what type of donation is best for the community. For example:

Type A Positive donors are ideal candidates for a platelet donation at CBCO Donor Centers in Springfield or Springdale.  For more information, click here.

Type O Negative donors are ideal candidates for a double donation of red cells.  This type of donation is available at CBCO Donor Centers in Springfield or Springdale and at selected mobile blood drives.  For more information on double red cell donation, click HERE.

Type AB donors are ideal candidates for a plasma donation.  This procedure is performed at CBCO Donor Centers in Springfield.  For more information, click HERE.

CBCO believes that the best place to store blood is inside the donor. By monitoring area needs more closely and then responding to those needs with a donation that’s right for your type, you’ll be helping to ensure that the right product is on the shelf at the right time.