Critical Need For O-Negative & A-Negative Blood Donations

MONDAY, DECEMBER 21, 2017 — We need YOUR help. Our supply of O-Negative blood remains below optimal levels. Won’t you please donate blood and give the gift of life for someone in need?

Help us make sure the blood that is needed is on the shelves. Click HERE to find a mobile blood drive near you, or click on the name of the donor center near you to set up your appointment:

Thomson Donor Center – Springfield, MO

Joplin Donor Center

Bentonville Donor Center

Springdale Donor Center

As an O-Negative donor, your blood type makes up just 7% of the U.S. population, yet it can be transfused to almost anyone in need, no matter their blood type. In the event of an emergency, trauma patients and accident victims are given a fighting chance at life due to O-Negative blood transfusion. When there isn’t enough time to determine a patient’s blood type, physicians use O-Negative blood.

Need another vital reason to donate? The life you save might be your own. Those with O-Negative blood can receive only O-Negative blood. So if you find yourself in need, only blood from fellow O-Negative donors may be used.

Thanks, Lifesavers!


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