Bringing Dreams to Life Weekly Winners

Let the competition begin! Each week, we will draw the name of one lucky winner of a $100 VISA Gift Card and that winner will become a Grand Prize Finalist. On Friday, September 6, 2019 these 13 winners will each get an opportunity to draw a winning “key” that will open the door to their $5,000 Dream Vacation! Find out more about this event at our Bringing Dreams to Life information page.

Bringing Dreams to Life Weekly Grand Prize Finalists
Week 1 Winner
Ivan D.
Rogers, AR
Week 2 Winner
Ronald B.
Springfield, MO
Mstery Winner
Week 3 Winner
Walter C.
Edwards, MO
Mstery Winner
Week 4 Winner
William H.
Springfield, MO

Week 5 Winner
Sylvia L.
Fordland, MO
Mstery Winner
Week 6 Winner
Shara S.
Bolivar, MO
Mstery Winner
Week 7 Winner
Dennis K.
Jasper, MO
Mstery Winner
Week 8 Winner
Michael B.
Fayetteville, AR
Mstery Winner
Week 9 Winner
Julia R.
Springdale, AR
Mstery Winner
Week 10 Winner
Jonas B.
Nixa, MO
Mstery Winner
Week 11 Winner
Ruth S.
Ozark, MO
Mstery Winner
Week 12 Winner
Mason W.
Centerton, AR
Mstery Winner
Week 13 Winner
Beth M.
Fair Grove, MO