Become a Double-Red Blood Donor

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Someone in the United States needs blood every two seconds. Red cells are the most-transfused part of blood — and often mean the difference between life and death for trauma victims, newborns and more patients right here in the Ozarks.

You can provide more of the life-saving red cells our local patients need when you become a Community Blood Center of the Ozarks double-red donor. In a single visit to CBCO’s Springfield Donor Center, double-red donors give two units of red cells — twice the amount given during a typical whole blood donation.

Why become a double-red donor?

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Whole blood donations contain platelets, plasma, white blood cells and red blood cells. Each component can help a different kind of patient, but almost every person in need of a transfusion will receive red cells. Cancer patients, accident victims, and those with chronic illnesses all may need red cells, which move oxygen throughout a patient’s body and bring carbon dioxide back to their lungs.

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Struggling to find the time to donate, but eager to save lives? Double-red donations can be made once every 112 days, as opposed to every 56 days for whole blood. And with just two double-red donations, you’ll give the same amount of red cells as you would if you made four whole blood donations. That’s half the visits to the donor center with the same impact.

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There’s always a fun promotion happening at our Springfield donor center. Whether it’s a T-shirt or another exclusive giveaway item, you’ll leave the donor room with a free gift for helping local patients in need! Plus, enroll in our LifePoints Local Donor Rewards Program and collect DOUBLE THE REWARDS POINTS each time you donate a double-red! And for a limited time, NEW double-red donors will receive a BONUS $25 Walmart e-gift card after their first successful donation! Click here to learn more!

How does it work?

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Making a double-red donation is just like giving whole blood, except it involves a special machine that only collects a donor’s red blood cells. The needle is also smaller than the one used during a whole blood donation.

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While you relax on the donor bed, the machine will draw blood from your arm. But unlike a whole blood donation, this machine will automatically separate the blood into its components — red cells, white cells, plasma and platelets.

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Your white cells, platelets, and plasma will be returned to your body, and you’ll also receive some saline to restore your fluid volume to pre-donation levels. Most donors report they leave feeling hydrated — and full, depending on how many free snacks they eat!

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From check-in to the canteen, a double-red donation takes about 90 minutes, about 30 minutes quicker than two whole blood donations. That means you’re saving lives, saving time and maximizing the impact of each trip to the center.

Am I eligible to donate?

Preferred Blood Types

Interested donors must meet all general blood donation eligibility criteria for age, health and travel, plus some specific guidelines for double-red procedures.

  • Maximum number of double-red procedures: Three per calendar year
  • Minimum hemoglobin level: 13.3 g/dL (measured during check-in)
  • Minimum height/weight: Determined by gender (see table)
Height (ft./in.)Female Weight (lbs.)Male Weight (lbs.)

Become a double-red donor today!

For a limited time, NEW double-red donors will receive a BONUS $25 Walmart e-gift card after their first successful double-red donation! All donors must fill out the form below to qualify for this offer.

The $25 e-gift card will be emailed to the donor within a week of their successful donation.

Fill out the form below and a CBCO representative will contact you to schedule your double-red donation!

Preferred Donation Days
Preferred Donation Times

Please note: Community Blood Center of the Ozarks donors who have previously attempted a double-red donation are not eligible for the bonus $25 e-gift card offer. Whole blood, plasma and platelet donors who have not previously attempted a double-red donation are eligible to receive the gift card following their first successful double-red donation.