Audrey Yates

‘Totally Life-Changing’: Blood Donors Help Woman Recover from Emergency Surgery

When Audrey Yates awoke from an emergent and lifesaving surgery in June 2022, she immediately noticed the intense pain that prompted her visit to the hospital that morning was completely gone. What she didn’t realize was that so was about 40 percent of her blood. That revelation came as her doctor explained the reason Audrey […]

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‘Thank You Is Never Enough’: 24 Blood Donors Help Arkansas Teen Fight Bone Cancer

Kenzie Maddry has been involved in sports for as long as she can remember, racking up plenty of goals, assists and personal records on soccer fields and cross-country courses in Northwest Arkansas. Since October 2020, Kenzie’s statistics look noticeably different. Instead of playing games or running races, the teenager has spent the past two years […]

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‘I Thought I Was A Goner’: Blood Donors Help Save Harrison Officer’s Life

As a police officer and volunteer firefighter, there’s no telling what Matt Odom might see on a given day. But ever since May 30, 2021, two things have become unavoidable components of his daily routine. He’ll see the scars on his neck and torso – reminders of the life-threatening injuries he suffered when he was […]

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After Seven Surgeries, Three-Time Blood Recipient Celebrates 1st Birthday

Three of Katie Brown’s first four children were all born before their due dates, so she expected her fifth would also arrive slightly ahead of schedule. But that’s about all anyone could have predicted about young Merrick. No one could have imagined he would have a stroke while in the womb, causing some of his […]

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Dickerson Park Zoo’s giraffe saves lives through blood donation

Giving blood to help a complete stranger is one of the most inspirational things a human can do. The Dickerson Park Zoo has another lifesaving blood donor — and he’s one you can really look up to.

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