Transformed in an instant

MaKayla Smith, 18, of Berryville, Ark. was living the perfect life. Studious, popular, athletic, she seemingly had it all. As she was nearing the completion of her junior year at Berryville High School, things would change suddenly one sunny afternoon. MaKayla was joining several of her friends on a Saturday, riding ATV’s to a local […]

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Once you get started, It’s really pretty easy

No one ever thinks that they will need blood.  At least not many do.  That’s why recruiting blood donors can be such a daunting task. Every five minutes, an area hospital patient receives a blood transfusion, but sometimes it takes a real life experience to know what kind of an impact blood donors have on […]

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Living Life

As thousands of area blood donors know, it’s a great feeling to give life to someone else.  Harold Haberichter of Clever, Mo. now thinks that it’s pretty neat to get life from someone else as well. Haberichter, 78, first donated blood back in 1955 while serving his country in Germany.  He has given over 100 […]

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A father’s gift

Barry Garred had always donated blood. He was proud of being a Type O Negative donor, since O Negative can be given to anybody in an emergency situation. He recently surpassed four gallons worth of donations to Community Blood Center of the Ozarks, and estimated that he’s given an additional six gallons over the years. […]

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Friends for Life

Don’t make the mistake of taking on ten-year-old Jessica Peterson in any trivia contest involving the TV show “Friends.”  She’ll smoke you. “I have every season on DVD,” the blond haired blue eyed Marionville student said. “I play (the game Scene It – Friends Edition) with my family all the time.” In 2006, Jessica would […]

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