Daily Update

Current Need Special Emphasis
O Positive Critical Need
A Positive, A Negative, AB Negative Low Inventory

Based on this morning’s inventory report, the chart below lists what we need to receive from specific blood types in order for our inventory to reach optimal levels. Find your blood type in the left column and read across the row to see what is currently needed from your blood type. Please keep in mind that this changes each day, based on usage by more than 40 hospitals in southwest Missouri, northwest Arkansas, and southeast Kansas. Automated procedures (plasma and platelets) may only be available at select locations. Thanks, Lifesavers!

Red blood cells needed for all blood types! Consider making a double red cell donation — details HERE.

Type First Priority Second Priority Third Priority
O+ Platelets Red Cells
O- Red Cells
A+ Red Cells Platelets Plasma
A- Red Cells Platelets
B+ Platelets Plasma Red Cells
B- Red Cells Platelets
AB+ Plasma Platelets Red Cells
AB- Plasma Platelets Red Cells

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