New Chairperson Portal Coming Soon!

Community Blood Center of the Ozarks (CBCO) is proud to announce that we will soon be launching a brand-new Chairperson Portal! This change will bring exciting new options for our chairpeople, including:

  • New ways to communicate with donors.   
  • Customized webpage to promote your blood drive.  
  • New rewards program for chairpeople 

Check back here for updates and information regarding the new portal. 

Temporary Changes During Upgrade

Since the Chairperson Portal will be unavailable during the upgrade, there will be a few changes regarding how you can access information. These changes are temporary.

Blood Drive History

If you need information about blood drive history, contact your Blood Drive Consultant with CBCO or call 417-227-5000.

Blood Drive Results

If you need the results of your blood drive, contact your Blood Drive Consultant with CBCO or call 471-227-5000.

Blood Drive Marketing Tools

Temporarily, you won’t have access to marketing tools, like historic donor lists or email marketing tools. For assistance with marketing your blood drive, coordinate with your Blood Drive Consultant to get historic donor contact information and other assistance.

Changes to the Donor Portal and LifePoints Store

During this upgrade, the Donor Portal and the LifePoints Store will also be unavailable. For more information, take a look at our Donor Portal page and our LifePoints Store page.

Have Questions? Contact Us!

You may have other questions or concerns while your online portal is unavailable. While we transition systems, we would love to help you! Just call 417-227-5000 or fill out our general form, and we’ll make sure your questions are answered. 


1. When will the new Online Donor Portal be available?

We estimate the new portal will be available by August, but this timeline is subject to change.

2. Will any of my past donor information be lost?

No! While the donor portal is being updated, all donor information is stored on a separate server. No information will be lost during the transition.

3. Do I still accrue LifePoints with each donation?

Yes! All donations will continue to accrue LifePoints.

4. Do my LifePoints still have a cap during the portal upgrade?

During transition, we will not cap LifePoint accrual, so you will continue to earn LifePoints without worrying about hitting a cap!  

5. Will my LifePoints expire during the portal upgrade? 

No! Your LifePoints will not expire during the portal upgrade. You will also continue to earn LifePoints with each donation.