September is Northwest Arkansas Children’s Shelter Month!

September is Northwest Arkansas Children’s Shelter month at Community Blood Center of the Ozarks!

We’re focusing on each of our 10 non-profit LifePoints Lift partner agencies throughout the year, to help educate the public on the vital work that they each perform.

LifePoints and LifePoints Lift

When you donate blood at CBCO and sign up for our LifePoints rewards program, you’ll receive LifePoints as a “Thank you” gift each time you donate. When it’s time to redeem your LifePoints, you have the option of giving them to one of our ten LifePoints Lift partner agencies. CBCO converts them to cash and sends it to the non-profits.

It’s a great way to help two non-profits at the same time — CBCO with your lifesaving gift of blood and Northwest Arkansas Children’s Shelter with your LifePoints which allows the organization to work toward its mission to provide a safe haven, high-quality care and hope for the future to children who have been abandoned, abused or neglected.

You’ll receive LifePoints for your donations all year round, and you can give your LifePoints to one of our agency partners at any time. Not just in September. But September is our time to share information about Northwest Arkansas Children’s Shelter.

About Northwest Arkansas Children’s Shelter

Northwest Arkansas Children’s Shelter is a private, non-profit organization that provides 24-hour emergency residential care to children who are victims of family violence, neglect, and physical and sexual abuse.

The Children’s Shelter is designed to meet the needs of these children by providing them with a safe and loving environment to reduce their trauma, through support and nurturing.

Since opening in 1993, the Children’s Shelter has cared for more than 8,200 children from throughout the state of Arkansas. Its  capacity of 48 beds, state-of-the-art complex, on-site school and on-site counseling services make it unique among children’s emergency shelters in Arkansas and its region. The combination of these features creates a stable, secure and loving environment where the hurts that children have experienced can begin to heal.

The Children’s Shelter is staffed and ready, day and night, taking in and caring for children in crisis. Children may stay for up to 45 days in a six-month period, before being placed in another foster-care setting or returning to their families.

In 2015, 448 children were taken in by NWA Children’s Shelter. That same year, 81% of the children served lived in Northwest Arkansas and the River Valley. The current need is outpacing its ability to provide service. Nearly 6,000 valid cases of child abuse and neglect are reported in Arkansas each year — nearly 900 of them in Northwest Arkansas. Nationally, about 3 million cases of child abuse and neglect are reported annually, involving about 6 million children. That comes to one report of abuse or neglect every 10 seconds.

To learn more about Northwest Arkansas Children’s Shelter, click HERE.

About Community Blood Center of the Ozarks

Founded in 1995, CBCO has grown to serve 39 counties in three states and is the sole supplier of blood and blood products to 40 hospitals in southwest Missouri, northwest Arkansas, and southeast Kansas (as of 9/1/17).

More than 65,000 donations of blood are required each year to meet the transfusion needs of our friends and neighbors. We at CBCO take the responsibility of providing that blood very seriously.

Our mission states that we will achieve this goal in a timely manner, at the lowest reasonable fee, while remaining accountable to the local community, blood donors and health care providers. With your help, we can accomplish this goal each and every day.

To make your appointment to donate blood at CBCO, click HERE.

If you’d like to sign in to your CBCO account to check your LifePoints balance or donate your LifePoints to one of our LifePoints Lift partner agencies, click HERE.