Position:                                Staff Technologist, Immunohematology

Department:                         Technical Services

Status:                                   Non-exempt, Full-time or Part-time

Accountability                     Supervisor, Immunohematology

Senior Director, Technical Services


Job Summary:

Performance of testing in the Immunohematology Laboratory, including related issuing of blood products and quality assurance, quality control activities. Performance of product QC including rWBC, pH, platelet yield and absolute RBC volumes.

Duties and Responsibilities:

Performs routine typing, antibody identification and resolution of immunohematological problems submitted to the lab for study, including written reports and maintenance of records, as directed by the supervisor.

Assists transfusion services in the selection of compatible blood for patients and to advise them on technical questions.

Displays initiative in the undertaking of these referral cases and maintains a high level of customer service and expertise to the referring transfusion service.

Maintains the capabilities of the reference lab by evaluation and preparation of reagent sera, cells, and necessary chemical reagents (including lectins and enzymes), as assigned by supervisor.

Performs maintenance of equipment, supplies and glassware, as assigned by supervisor.

Performs periodic quality control of reagents and equipment, as assigned by supervisor.

Maintains a clean and organized work area and adheres to safety guidelines, policies and procedures.

Performs molecular testing, product QC and labeling of blood products.

The technologist will be expected to take 24-hour call for emergency consultations with hospitals and staff personnel including, if necessary, laboratory investigation and selection of compatible blood.

Performs periodic tests of proficiency and/or competency, submitted by outside organizations (CAP,CDC,AABB, etc.) or prepared by the supervisor.

Provides excellent customer service, cultivating positive working relationships with all staff, volunteers and external customers.

Exhibits safety, accuracy, respectfulness and efficiencies within specific job tasks.

Assists with special projects as assigned.

Physical Requirements:

Must have visual ability to perform and interpret tests.

Must have manual dexterity in manipulation of test materials and equipment, including computer keyboards.

Must have the physical ability to work assigned work periods, including typical 8 hour shift plus possible extended hours when on-call, in emergency situations, or when assigned.

Job Specifications:

BS degree (from accredited school) in medical technology or related field with certification.

MLT or other appropriate and related laboratory experience may be acceptable upon demonstration of ability.

Experience in blood banking and, specifically, immunohematology, would be required for non-medical technologists.

Pre-hiring examinations of technical knowledge and ability may be required.

Must have the ability to communicate clearly, being grammatically correct both verbally and in writing.

Be on call by phone 24 hours a day/7 days a week when assigned, and able to respond by phone within 15 minutes or report to center within 30 minutes.

Ability to demonstrate problem solving skills and perform and interpret test results under pressures of time and report results and significant information in a clear manner.

Must have attention to detail, ability to multitask and good interpersonal relationship skills.