Every Drop Tells A Story

When you roll up your sleeve to share your good health with someone in need, you begin a unique story that can only be told with your selfless act of giving. Whether it’s the story of what prompted you to begin giving blood, what motivates you to continue, or the story of the patient on the other side … every drop tells a story.  What’s your story?

A Life Worth Living – A Gift Worth Sharing

Anyone who knew Duane Richardson would tell you that they were richer for it. “He just loved life,” said Freda Richardson, Duane’s wife of 63 years. “There were so many things he could do. He could fix anything. He was an electrical engineer. He painted, wrote poetry and loved to restore old cars. He mentored […]

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A night and day difference

Kids can make any mother tired, but 28-year-old Danielle May realized that this was something different. Her pregnancy and the eventual birth of her son Hunter was different than her daughter Bella two years earlier. No doubt about it, Danielle felt fatigued “I thought that it was just because I had two kids,” the Bella […]

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The Ten Minute Turnaround

How quickly can the need for blood arise? Just ask Khrista Collins. Collins, a Springfield nurse, had just experienced the birth of her daughter Sophie in November of 2009. Ten minutes after what she described as a perfect delivery, she felt nauseated and faint. Then she started to bleed. “The bleeding just didn’t stop,” Khrista […]

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“I can never repay that act of Kindness”

There is nothing more beautiful than watching a child without a care in the world as she plays.  Little eight-year-old Liz was coming off of the playground from recess.  She was running.  Liz loved to run.  Everyone told her she was fast.  At the base of the stairs leading to her classroom doors, there was […]

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The Act Of Giving Gives Back

Stuart Horwitz has always been a giver. During his time in the Navy, the fifty-six year old Bella Vista, Arkansas resident spent his time training young men to become responsible adults. “I made children into grownups,” he says with a laugh. In 1976, Horwitz donated blood for the first time. He has lost count of […]

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