Because they need me, I give…

Patients across southwest Missouri, northwest Arkansas, and southeast Kansas need YOU. Find out where you can give blood by clicking HERE.

During February and March 2021, we’re highlighting several patients who needed blood to survive. That blood was available thanks to CBCO donors. You’ll see these patients on posters advertising our blood drives, post cards we’ll mail to donors to let them know a blood drive they’ve previously attended is coming around again, in our emails sent to donors, and on social media.

February and March 2021 donors will receive this great T-shirt while supplies last.

Thank you to these recipients for sharing their stories with us.


Laila was born with a blood disorder that has made it necessary for her to receive multiple blood transfusions. Many of them took place at Mercy and Cox hospitals in Springfield, both of which rely solely on CBCO for the blood products their patients need.

Read Laila’s story by clicking HERE.


Joshua received blood immediately following his birth due to a rare condition called velamentous cord insertion. The blood he needed was on the shelves at Cox Hospital, ready to be used, thanks to generous CBCO donors.

“We will never forget the role donors played in my son’s life and in our lives. That simple act of donating, of sharing, it has impacted us in such a way that it’s hard to wrap your mind around,” said Jessica Bower.

Read Joshua’s story HERE.


Thanks to generous CBCO donors, the blood Joselina needed as a newborn was ready for her.

“We can’t imagine a world without her and we’re grateful for whoever donated those units of blood,” said Joselina’s father, Adam Swenka.

To read Joselina’s story, please click HERE.