Triple Crown

Help avoid summer blood shortages through the CBCO Triple Crown donation program
Sign up by giving blood at any CBCO Donor Center during the month of May!
April 29, 2013 – For fifteen years, a select group of donors to Community Blood Center of the Ozarks (CBCO) have been maximizing their lifesaving impact and picking up great gifts through CBCO’s Triple Crown summer donation program.  This year, the Triple Crown is back and better than ever.

Triple Crown donors pledge to give blood at a CBCO Donor Center – once when they sign up and then two more times during the busy summer months.  Donors may give blood every eight (8) weeks.  With a May donation, we’ll look forward to seeing our Triple Crown donors again in July and September this summer.  Please note the change this year – you’re no longer required to come in on certain days (though we’d love to see you near the holiday weeks).  Instead, YOU choose the dates that work best for you any time during the summer.

Each Triple Crown member that attempts a donation during all three periods will receive a special appreciation gift.  Stay tuned for updates!