How was I identified as this recipient’s blood donor?

On every unit of blood product we send to a hospital there is something called a Donor Identification Number, or DIN. The DIN is a federally-required label that allows hospitals and blood banks to know exactly where a blood donation came from. It is a 13-digit code that contains no other identifying donor information. Using the DIN, and an online tool called Thank the Donor, the recipient of your blood was able to send a thank you email to Community Blood Center of the Ozarks – not directly to you. We have staff members who receive incoming thank you emails from blood recipients. Our staff members have secure access to the CBCO donor database, and use the DIN to find the name and email address of the donor who provided the blood product that help saved the recipient’s life. Our staff forward the messages on to the appropriate donors. The person who sent the thank you email will receive NO information about the person who donated the blood.