Vehicle/Building Maintenance Staff – Full-time

Position:               Vehicle/Building Maintenance Staff

Department:        Building Operations


Job Summary:

Ensures all Community Blood Center’s vehicles, buildings and HVAC systems are properly maintained. Performs vehicle and building maintenance when possible and coordinates repair work with outside vendors when necessary.


Duties and Responsibilities:

Coordinates the maintenance of all CBCO vehicles. Maintains a file showing maintenance performed on vehicles.

Changes oil and filter on vans, sedans and self-contained unit generators and coordinates service on trucks to be performed by an outside vendor.

Performs light maintenance (brakes, for example) as necessary and schedules and monitors all vehicle maintenance performed by vendors.

Reviews vehicle maintenance files on a regular basis to make sure all vehicles are being maintained in a timely manner.

Coordinates with department directors to schedule vehicles for needed maintenance.

Ensures the back-up power generators at the Reser and Campbell Centers are exercised on a weekly basis and  any problems with operation are documented and immediately corrected. Completes Generator Exercise logs weekly according to SOP.

Maintains proper operation of heating/air-conditioning equipment. Checks filters (or coordinates filter service) and belts monthly and sees that replacements are made in a timely manner. Checks for proper operation. Coordinates all outside vendor service, including verification of eligibility for warranty coverage. Cleans and maintains appearance of units as necessary. Calibrates thermostats as needed.

Makes plumbing and electrical repairs as appropriate, and coordinates any outside service that is required.

Provides support for all departments by repairing or coordinating repair of building equipment within each department.

Paints inside and out as necessary to maintain appearance and keep the building in good repair.

Exhibits safety, accuracy, respectfulness and efficiency within specific job tasks.

Provides excellent customer service, cultivating positive working relationships with all staff, volunteers and external customers.

Assists with special projects in Building Operations as needed.

Job Specifications:

Must have a high School diploma or equivalent.

Must have excellent communications skills to provide positive working relationships with all staff.

Two to four years of experience required in light vehicle maintenance and building maintenance work including carpentry, light plumbing and electrical, painting and all around maintenance skills.

Physical Requirements:

Must be able to lift at least 100 pounds, move heavy objects and climb and walk distances.

Must have good visual acuity.