18th annual Salute a Veteran Blood Drive

CBCO invites donors to honor the sacrifices of our Armed Forces Veterans by participating in the 18th annual Salute a Veteran Blood Drive. The drive is being held June 17th thru July 7th at CBCO blood drives and donor centers in the region.

During this event, participants at any CBCO blood drive will receive a free gift and will also have the opportunity to write a note of thanks to a Veteran they know. Donors may complete a special card provided at the blood drive and CBCO will send it to the Veteran they choose. If they do not have the Veteran’s address with them, donors may take a card to be filled out at a later time.

“We owe a great debt to our Veterans,” CBCO Executive Director Don Thomson said.  “This drive is one of our original promotional events, and has been our way of saying thanks to Veterans over the years.  It continues to be a popular drive and always takes place during a time when donations often fall short of the need.  I hope that our donors give for area patients as well as for a Veteran they know.”

Every five minutes, someone in an Ozarks area hospital receives blood provided by a donor to CBCO.  On behalf of patients across the region, thank you for giving life to your community.